Do You Know What This Is??

If I had to guess, I would not get it right.  Greg grew some this year and the first time I saw it, I asked “what is it??”.  It is a Kohlrabi.  See full description here on Wikipedia.   To me, they taste like a mild radish, actually very tasty.  They can be cooked too, although I am not sure how.  These would be good in a salad raw.  Guess I will have to experiment with cooking some as well.



Peeled and sliced
Peeled and sliced

3 thoughts on “Do You Know What This Is??

  1. This is very tasty to rub slices with some salt to soften the texture and then remove the liquid so it is not too salty. Add a bit of brown sugar, chili pepper powder or white pepper to taste. In Asia, this is a common pickle dish for breakfast or snack.

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