*&^% OUCH!!!!

I was in the garage reaching for a garbage bag, which was in a box on some shelves and felt a sting.  I saw either a wasp or yellow jacket fly off, couldn’t tell what it was.  I immediately went inside to take a Benedryl and then I read somewhere to put a penny over the sting and that will help with the stinging sensation.  It really did!  Now my finger is really swelling up so I am thinking it was a yellow jacket as with wasps, I get a welt and that is all.  I HATE yellow jackets!!!!!!

DSC03424 edit

The sting!
The sting!



4 thoughts on “*&^% OUCH!!!!

    1. Thank you!! I left the penny on maybe 5 minutes, if that long. I think I read that on Facebook or something. The sting is gone, but the swelling – oh geez!!!

    1. LOL! As in Facebook, a button needs to be added for dislike or even Love! The swelling has finally gone down and those yellow jackets better watch it – Fly swatter will be in hand with me next time!!

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