Baby Backs

I LOVE baby back ribs and my hubby can grill the best.  He is the Master Griller!  He also made the beans.  I didn’t have to do a thing (well, except clean up the kitchen!).




Even the Hummers Aren’t Humming!

It has been so hot these past few days.  I refilled the hummingbird feeder earlier today.  I happened to look outside and noticed one was sitting on the feeder and another waiting nearby, which is normally not the case.  Lately, I have had only a couple hummers and even though the feeder has something like 8 stations, they will still fight over who gets to feed!  Guess it is just too hot for these little guys, not worth the effort!



Hey! Gimme Some Hay!

Mollie mule is in the corral locked out of the pasture and the other day when I went to give her some hay, she stuck her head through the window in to the barn and I wished I had my camera.  Well, I got smart today and took it with me.  She is so nosy!

Peek a boo!
Peek a boo!
I smell it!!!
I smell it!!!


Greg put a pork loin and pork rib eyes on the grill yesterday and it was delicious.  Yesterday we ate some of the pork loin and made sandwiches and today, he heated up some of the pork rib eye.  To go along with that we had boiled potatoes with onion and butter from our garden and corn on the cob (store bought).  It was delish!!

DSC03502 DSC03503

Good Morning World!

Another beautiful morning this morning, temp was 71!  Went outside to enjoy my coffee.  This seems to be the norm these days, Buddy sleeping on the hot tub cover and Remi on the rug.  Buddy woke up first and then when Remi finally realized I was out there and got up, he was following her all over the place.  She went back to the rug to sleep.  More Morning Gloried have bloomed, I love the blue color!






Hey sleepy head, get up, I wanna play!



It’s Friday and August 1

I can’t believe another month has gone by, time is going by way too fast.  And today was an absolutely spectacular day – the weather was in the mid 80’s, which is unheard of this time of year for us, we have been in the upper 90’s where you can barely breathe when you walk outside.  A “cold” front came through yesterday with some much needed rain.  I love to go out on our back porch and have an evening cocktail and today was exceptional due to the cooler weather.  I think even Remi enjoyed it!


Toasted Almond - you can't have just one!
Toasted Almond – you can’t have just one!
Look at that sweet face!