Billowy Clouds

I was sitting outside earlier and I loved the billowy looking clouds – looked like someone swirled them in to the blue sky!



Fall Plantings

I finally got everything planted that we bought on Sunday.  I still want to get some Pansies when they come out and put in several places.  I love this time of year!

Red and Yellow Mums
Red and Yellow Mums



Black Diamond Crepe Myrtle Blush
Black Diamond Crepe Myrtle in Blush


Nandina - two varieties
Nandina – two varieties (Lemon tree is closest)
Nandina – Flirt

Happy First Day of Fall!

I LOVE Fall when the leaves change and the temps get cooler.  I was up early this morning, and I was looking outside while at my computer to see the beautiful sunrise.  My camera does not do this justice.  The rich aqua and peach colors were stunning.  I am so ready for temps like these during the day (and even cooler!).






I’m Ready to Plant!

After church this morning, we went by Lowe’s and picked up some shrubs/plants to put in flower beds.  I had transplanted some Nandina this Spring, but some didn’t make it so am replacing with two that are dwarf sized and have bright red leaves and one that is taller, but has green leaves.  I think that will be a nice contrast.  Also bought 5 mums (red, yellow and white), and a new variety of Crepe Myrtle – Black Diamond.  The foliage on these are “black” instead of the green.  I got the Blush variety, but they come in different colors (see website here).  Our Lowe’s only had the Blush and Red Hot varieties.





Texas Sage

We have two Texas Sage planted in the back yard and one is more vivid than the other, but still beautiful.  These smell wonderful as well!




My Bed Bed

I call this area my Bed Bed because it is a flower bed planted in and around an old wrought iron bed frame.  I love it.  I have Lantana planted at the foot and then some Four  O’Clocks at the “headboard”.  On the sides are some Oxblood Lillies, which I absolutely love, they are a gorgeous deep red with yellow center.  Not a big flower but very pretty!  Also, have other bulbs planted in here that come up in the Spring.  Due to the all the rain we have had, weeding was very easy but it was filled with them.  I think it took me over an hour to get all of this cleaned up (taking many breaks of course!).  Now more of the bulbs will get the sun they need and start popping up!

I'm "weedy"
I’m “weedy”




I was in the back coming around to the front and noticed a bunch of my Moonflower blooming.  I love these things!  They are a member of the Morning Glory family but bloom in the late evenings in to the night.  They have a wonderful fragrance as well.  This year I planted them on each side of an old ladder so they would crawl up and over.  I have an Esperanza in the middle which is lovely as well.  I think the flower itself is about 4″ in circumference.  These photos were taken around 7:30 p.m.







Blue Bell September Flavor of the Month

Oooo, this is a good one – Malt Shoppe.  Chocolate ice cream with malted milk balls in it.  And the chocolate ice cream is not too rich either so that makes it even better.  I love the blue container.  This would make an excellent chocolate malt!



Here Comes the Rain!

A cold front came through yesterday bringing LOTS of rain.  I think it rained for something like 4 hours (off and on, but more on than off!).  We got 4.10″!!  Our internet and satellite TV went out and didn’t come back up until this morning.  I was sitting out on the back porch wearing my hoodie, enjoying my coffee on such a nice, cool morning. It rained again mid morning and we got another 4/10″.  I may have to mow twice next week!