My Bed Bed

I call this area my Bed Bed because it is a flower bed planted in and around an old wrought iron bed frame.  I love it.  I have Lantana planted at the foot and then some Four  O’Clocks at the “headboard”.  On the sides are some Oxblood Lillies, which I absolutely love, they are a gorgeous deep red with yellow center.  Not a big flower but very pretty!  Also, have other bulbs planted in here that come up in the Spring.  Due to the all the rain we have had, weeding was very easy but it was filled with them.  I think it took me over an hour to get all of this cleaned up (taking many breaks of course!).  Now more of the bulbs will get the sun they need and start popping up!

I'm "weedy"
I’m “weedy”




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