New Mexico – Taos

After leaving Santa Fe, we drove up to Taos, which was about an hour and a half drive.  It was quite a bit cooler too, which I didn’t mind!  We stayed at this cute Bed and Breakfast called the Dreamcatcher Inn.  I believe there were only 9 rooms/suites, which made it cozy.  We arrived in Taos around 1:30 and we could not check in until 4:00 as there was no one on the premises until then.  So we went to get something to eat at the Adobe Bar, which is located in The Taos Inn, and according to the information we got from the Inn where we stayed, the margaritas were good there.  We also decided to order a snack of nachos (small), which turned out to be enough to feed 4 people!  The margaritas were good though.  After that, we went to the square in Taos where there are several shops and looked around just a bit before checking in.  We were spoiled by the size of our “suite” in Santa Fe, but our room at this Inn was very nice.  The floors were heated too which made it nice to walk on.  We had a Kiva fireplace in the room as well.  Now breakfast was absolutely fantastic at this place.  It was served from 7:45-8:45 (come and go) and you would sit with other guests at this big dining table and it was nice to visit.  We were the only guests the first night we got there so we got to choose between the sweet or savory breakfast.  We chose the savory so we had oatmeal with raisins with sugar burned on it and yogurt on top and Eggs Benedict, along with pastry.  This was all cooked while you waited so it was hot!  It was fabulous!  Plus, I think the best thing was the coffee cups were kept warm via a warming tray!  You also had juice and milk to drink as well.

Dreamcatcher Inn
Looking towards the courtyard from our room at the Dreamcatcher Inn
Courtyard at Dreamcatcher
Courtyard at Dreamcatcher

On Sunday, we went to The Rio Grande Gorge and it was both scary (if you are afraid of heights) and cool.  It was quite windy and cool too with snow falling.

Lookout to the Gorge
Lookout to the Gorge
Long way down!
Long way down!
Bridge across the Gorge



After that, we went to this small community called Arroyo Seca, about 10 miles outside of Taos.  We were told about a few shops there.  We only stopped at one as I had seen it advertised in a magazine in Santa Fe and wanted to look around.  Of course I found a couple of things.  Afterwards we stopped to get coffee and it was snowing a lot more.  Walking up to the place, there were 3 burros and a dog sitting outside and the dog was so still, I didn’t think it was real!  She minded very well and was sweet!



We also went back to the square in Taos and went in to many of the shops.  I managed to buy more stuff in one of them!  There was this sign in one of the shops that caught Greg’s eye – he liked it!


That’s it for now.  Will blog the last of our trip another time!




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