What a Heifer!

Today, we got three new 7 month old heifers, black, brown, and blonde.  I like the blonde one (don’t they have more fun??).  We still have our other three and are pretty sure they are pregnant (aw, baby cows!!!).





Today is Their Birthday!

Well, their 6 month birthday – Colt and Winny turn 6 months old today.  They are growing like weeds and their bodies look like they are on stilts, they are ALL legs!!  Happy Birthday Colt and Winny !

Our birthday photo


When The Cat’s Away, the Mice Will…..

Tear up the wall!!!  Got home this afternoon after taking care of some personal business in town and found this in the garage.  This is not the first time Colt and Winny have chewed on the wall.

Conversation that took place when I told Greg that some friend of ours had puppies to give away:  Greg:  Are you sure you want to deal with a puppy?  Tracy:  Sure, it will be fine.




Later,  I was at the computer and looked out the window and low and behold, Winny was in the flower pot!  I thought she had gotten too big.  The frustration they bring, but also the joy.  It’s hard to stay mad at such a sweet and innocent face (looking innocent anyway!).



And This Little Piggy Went……

We have had hog issues again lately and last week, there was one in the hog trap.  Well, it has been processed and Greg cooked some today, shredded it up along with some spices and it was absolutely delicious!!!   This little piggy was so good!


And, We’re Off!

To a new year in blogging – Happy 2015!  Starting this year with of course – animal pics!  I was looking out the door to the garage and noticed Remi just staring at the door, very still.  Got my cell phone and took a pic.  All three of them were looking in different directions.  I think Remi thinks it is feeding time (but then again, she always thinks it is time to eat)!