And She Does it Again – Seriously???

When it is really cold outside, Greg will close the garage door just enough so the dogs can go in and out.  We have a blanket that they sleep on in the garage.  I was feeding the pups this morning and as I bent down to put their bowls on the floor, I noticed a pot in the driveway.  I knew this wasn’t ours so I brought it inside.  It apparently had beans or something stew like in it as you could see the “food rim”.  The culprit – Remi of course.  And she is teaching the pups some BAD habits.  Klepto stikes yet again!

To show how tall this pot was by the boot next to it
To show how tall this pot was by the boot next to it

Invasion of the Bird Seed Snatchers

We have three bird feeders and every year, the black birds come back in droves!  I don’t mind feeding them, but they are hoggish and can be aggressive and keep my other birds (cardinals, doves, finches) away.



It’s Grill-icious!

Wild pork and sausage on the grill!  Also, Greg did jalapeno poppers for lunch that had shrimp, cream cheese and then bacon wrapped them.  So good!  The dogs were hanging around the grill too just, hoping, and wishing and thinking they may get a bite – NOT!  Greg did give them some treats though.  They are so spoiled rotten!



2-21-15 2




What Goes on the Ground, Must go in the Mouth!

It is a gorgeous day here today and both of us are outside working in/around the yard.  Greg has been prepping the garden area to get ready for planting and laid his glasses and cap on the ground and the next thing he saw was one pup had his cap and the other had chewed on his glasses.  You can’t put anything on the ground that they guys won’t have the next second.  I was planting some bulbs and the second the bag was empty, they snatched it up.  Dogs!!!


Funny Critters

These puppies chew on so much, that any empty bottle I get, I give to them to play with.  This is Winnie this morning on the front porch with an empty mouth wash bottle (I rinsed it out first just to be on the safe side).



I love to watch the birds outside of my dining room window.  I thought this was funny that these doves were taking a “siesta”, they were just sitting there.  I carefully took the picture, but I was able to walk by the window several times without them moving!