I was in the garage sweeping and putting some old rugs in the yard to get some sun (hoping they may smell better, these are dog rugs!).  The puppy food container needed to be refilled so I put what was left in the bag and then put the bag on the shelf (I like to use empty bags for when I work in the yard weeding, I either kneel on them or sit on them when the ground is damp).  I heard a noise and the next thing I saw was half a dog in the bag!  I ran and got my camera and got these photos of Winny IN the bag looking for food.  Now THAT is a Kodak moment!


I just KNOW there is food in here!
I just KNOW there is food in here!

Happy First Day of Spring!

I do believe that Spring is my favorite time of year, the weather is not too hot yet and the wild flowers are gorgeous.  It has been warm here lately, have had the windows open and wearing shorts and flip flops!  A few years ago, we (or rather Greg) dug up some wild lillies that were on the side of our road and transplanted them.  The “trellis” is for the wild Passion Vine that will come up later.


The trees are budding out!




I transplanted these bulbs from my dad’s a few years ago after he passed away and I am not sure of the name of them.  They look like tiny bells!




Planted some flowers and shrubs we bought this past weekend, Marigolds and Mexican Feather Grass.  The Pansies are from the Fall and will be going away soon as they don’t like hot weather.





And I could not have gotten a better picture of the “kiddos”.  Getting animals to pose is like asking a 2 year old to sit still!  Say cheese!!



Digging up Bones

Well, they didn’t dig up these cow bones.  Greg found them at the property where he goes hunting (family property).  Hopefully these will keep the pups busy for a while so they don’t chew on MY stuff!









It has been raining here the past two days and I guess you could say, the pups got bored.  There were two empty dog food sacks on top of the garbage can in the garage and today, either one or both decided to chew them up.  Oh, the joy of puppies and teething!



Did I do that?
Did I do that?


See, it wasn't me, I was just playing with the bucket!
See, it wasn’t me, I was just playing with the bucket!

Dilbert and Computers


In the Sunday comics, Dilbert was EXACTLY how I felt about a month ago.  I was going through computer issues and Googled every possible solution I could find.  I was at the point of buying a new computer, but decided instead to take it to Best Buy and let them check it out.  Turns out I had a bad ethernet adapter.  Computers – can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em!