Bottle Brush

We had these Bottle Brush planted a few years ago and they have made it through some cold weather.  I thought I would lose them a few years ago, but they keep coming back.  I LOVE the deep red, brush color and when the leaves shed for the winter, to me, they smell like cloves.




Alien Invasion

UPDATE!!  I asked a horticulturist that we listen to on the radio every week what this could be and sent a photo.  This is actually a female Sego Palm and the red things are seeds!  Good thing I didn’t try to spray with something!


I was weed eating yesterday and noticed this in the middle of one of my “palms”.  I thought it looked alien like.  Do you know what it is?

IMG_20150424_093201377 cropped

This is the inside of the Sego Palm that I have planted.  I have never seen the middle look like this.  A bigger photo:


The one I have planted in the back looks like this, and normally what I see:


That thing is scary and makes me want to dig it up and burn it before it invades!  smiley-face-scared



We Got Babies Everywhere!

I was looking out my kitchen window as I was drying the dishes, and noticed a female cardinal with a worm in its mouth.  Then it flew in to this antique pie safe that I have on my front porch.  I had to investigate!  I carefully went out the front door as I knew if I made too much noise, then the dogs would be all over and that would not be a good thing.  I looked all over and I have an old crock inside and pulled it out and sure enough, there was a nest with babies in it!  I carefully put it back and soon, mama was back with another worm!


And Then There Were Three!

The last of the cow babies was born this evening and this one is a beaute too!  Very unique markings – dark brown with brown/white speckles on the rear end!  Greg made the comment there will be no issue with telling all of the babies apart.  Not sure yet what sex this one is.  A cutie patootie for sure!




Mama is the all brown one – she was staying close!


Mollie inspecting the new addition
Mollie inspecting the new addition
Being born is tiring - nite nite
Being born is tiring – nite nite

I am Done!

In the front flower bed, that is.  I worked until 8:00 last night putting down the last of the mulch.  I decided to make flower beds within the big flower bed for my Mexican Heather and Dianthus.  A few years ago, I collected sand stone from our road to use for borders in another bed.  I thought this looked pretty cool and made the bed look different.



I wanted to make a border around the Dianthus and found this brick that I had from my parent’s house that was used as a wall for their courtyard.  I didn’t have enough so used some river rock in between.


I still have more to do in the back, but at least the front is done!

Half Way Done!

I planted some flowers that I bought yesterday and finished mulching on one side of the front flower beds.  Before I finish the other side, I want to buy more stuff!  I have an idea for fencing to keep the dogs out, just need to buy the supplies!








I found these little bird houses that I had from a few years ago
I found these little bird houses that I had from a few years ago


Morning Glories coming up
Morning Glories coming up
Drift Roses
Drift Roses
My new Popcorn Drift Rose
My new Popcorn Drift Rose
Red Drift Rose
Red Drift Rose

A gardener’s work is never done!


I LOVE It in the Country!

The Spring time is my favorite to sit on the back porch in the early evening, drinking a cold beer and taking in the view.  I absolutely LOVE living in the country!  My back porch has the best view of our stock pond and is so peaceful — no traffic, no loud kids, no barking dogs (unless they are ours of course!).  My favorite time of year.  Everything is so green and pretty and I sit out there and admire my yard that I work so hard mowing and taking care of.  I thank the Lord for all I have!

All mowed and weedeated!




The Knockouts are really blooming
The Knockouts are really blooming





First Bloom

My yellow Knockout Rose has its first bloom on it.  I love this color.


My red one has been blooming for a little while, but this is the first big one!


And Another One Comes…..

I was in the Ranger just a little while ago going to see if I could spot the newborn and to see if another one of our heifers had given birth yet.  As I was going down the fence line, I spotted something little by one of the heifers.  I was able to get pretty close.  Another really cute cow baby.  I honestly don’t know if I correctly got the sex of the first baby born and not sure what this one is either.  I know how to determine the sex of baby kittens and puppies, but not cows!  Names may be determined later.  I have dubbed these babies HALP – Hereford, Angus, Longhorn, Pinzgauer!   Really, they are just CUTE!