Boot Bag

Whenever we go out of town dancing, I either have to pack my boots in my travel bag/suitcase, which takes up room, or carry them in the box and that can be cumbersome.  So I decided to make me a boot bag!  Yes, you can buy boot bags, but I wanted to make my own.  Greg suggested using the pant legs of old jeans as I have done for him to carry his fishing poles in using the pant legs.  This took me about a week as my first idea turned in to another idea, and then I basically went back to the first idea.  What took the longest was fraying.  I wanted to really have the worn look and with fraying (to make it look more even) you have to pull one string at a time to keep from snagging on what has already been frayed.  I added the ribbon to the outside of the pant leg just to make it more feminine.  I am going to play with more ideas to see what else I can come up with.

Ta Da!!




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