I Wonder What’s Out There?


Tabitha is my indoor cat.  I used to let her out when I worked several years ago, but she would stay on the front porch.  She was declawed when we moved out in the country to our new house as, I was getting new furniture, and she had already shredded the ends of my previous couch.  When I have the windows open, she gets up on the window sill and stares out, longing for the birds that come along.  But, from experience, when you put her outside, she freaks!  She will just have to enjoy the outside from inside – she is content!


Dogs – Sigh

I should have know better with dogs like you,

That you would chew anything you could chew,

And you do, hey hey hey, and you chew!


Yesterday, when I was cleaning up the kitchen, I put some chicken wrappers in a bag, tied it up and then put in the garbage can in the garage, and THEN, put a garbage bag on top of all that.  Guess that didn’t work!  When I went out this morning, this is what I discovered.  There was also garbage strewn out in the garage which I cleaned up.  We are getting much needed rain this morning, so this will have to wait until later for pick up!