Feed Them Cake!

I don’t bake a lot, not that I can’t – I just don’t want to!  We go dancing with 4 other couples and one of the ladies celebrated a birthday earlier in the week so I decided to make her a cake and bring to the dance we went to last night for her birthday.  She bakes these delicious Italian Cream cakes for birthdays and I wanted to do something for her.  I found this Sour Cream Chocolate Bundt cake recipe on the internet.  I did my own twist on this recipe by adding some brewed coffee to the batter.  My mom used to do this and it adds to the flavor, although I think I should have used more.  Then I put the Texas Sheet Cake frosting, which I altered as I used 1/2 and 1/2 instead of milk and then topped with chopped pecans.  When I bake, I never put the amount of sugar called for, I will cut back by about 1/4 cup, I don’t like things that are too sweet.  O M G!  This cake is the best ever and the frosting is to die for.  I had a lot of compliments on the cake.  This recipe is a keeper!



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