Spring Planting

I LOVE Spring, the time to plant new flowers or when old ones start to bloom.  And a time to weed!  We got quite a bit of rain last week so it makes weeding a lot easier.  This year I finally got smart and moved my bird feeders out of a garden as it sure makes a mess and then when it comes time to weed, an even bigger mess.  Took me years to learn, but better late than never!

Started weeding and have a LOT to go!

Bought some new flowers and got them planted this week.  I love color and variety.

Coral Drift Rose and Pink Dianthus 
Cheap Rose bushes that are making it and Marigolds along with Violas planted in the Fall
I LOVE this part of the flower bed, Dianthus and Pansies planted in front of an old windmill blade.  
Tulips will be coming up soon!
Morning Glories coming back from last year
More Marigolds and Dianthus planted

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