Trimming it Up!

I don’t think these shrubs have ever been trimmed back since we had the bed put in a few years ago.  I wish I had taken a before picture, but I got outside and started “getting ‘er done”!  It was a job!!  The dwarf Youpons were way overgrown, to the point where I discovered some other shrub that had been planted I forgot about!  I went to the burn pile twice with the trimmings and now this two-tiered bed looks so much cleaner.  I have got to make a point to keep it this way.

This was my reward at the end of the day.  Greg bought me a sampler pack of Blue Moon flavors and this was DEE-licious!!


Happy National Beer Day!

I didn’t know there was such a thing until last night.  Honestly, I don’t NEED a day to celebrate beer!  Anyway, today I mowed the yard and around the property and weedeated in areas.  I love the way it looks afterwards, so neat and clean!  So after all was said and done, I did my duty to drink a beer in honor of National Beer Day!