A Work in Progress

When the weather is as nice as it has been (a very mild winter for us), I get the “itch” to work in the yard getting it ready to look nice.  I have been working my patooty off first weeding flower beds.  I was in the back trimming one of the Oleanders and decided I had had enough with them and told Greg they needed to go!  They have grown so tall and not really putting on many flowers any longer.  Plus, they block my view of our pasture when I sit on the back porch.  Major project # 1 – done!

After that, I got out in the front flower bed and made another executive decision – the Sago Palm had to go!  It had a lot of brown on the palms and besides, this was a female palm and those scary looking eggs were coming out.  Greg actually transplanted it so we will see what happens to it.  It is in a place where I don’t mind it being.  Then I pulled up ALL of whatever kind of grass was in there (I think it is Fiber Optic Grass, which is pretty when it is green, but once it turns brown – ugly!).  This stuff grows from runners and is quite easy to pull up, but there was SO much of it.

Sago Palm – gone!
Scary seeds!!

Back to the flower beds in the back.  After planting two Knockout Roses where the Oleanders were (one red and one pink), I removed ALL of the Sandstone and River Rock that I have as a border.  I put some some mesh weed cloth to help with the rocks sinking in to the ground (at least in my mind I think it will).  I have two pieces of really old picket fence that was at my parent’s house  that I use as a backdrop and came up with an idea that I needed to find an old gate to put in the middle of the two pieces of fencing.  Well, Greg just happened to have an old gate that worked out perfectly.  Got all of this up today and I LOVE it!  Still have to put the River Rock on the back part of the bed, but I think this looks AWESOME!


Now, it’s beer-thirty!