My New Ride!

I guess about a couple of months or so ago, Greg asked me “when you gonna get a new car?”.  I said, “why, I like what I got and it drives just fine”.  Well, after a while I decided to do some research on SUVs (those without third seats as to me, they are useless).  In 2008, we bought a Nissan Murano and have been very pleased with it.  Have had very little issues with it and no major ones.  We have over 120,000 miles on this car!  One day when I took it in to get an oil change (which, back then I got oil changes as long as I kept the car), I decided to walk on over to the sales room and look at new Muranos.  I really liked the style.

We needed to take the Murano back in to get a tire sensor light fixed as it wouldn’t go off and there were no issues with the tires.  This week we did that and then walked to the sales room and test drove a 2017.5 Murano.  Oh boy, things sure have changed since we bought the last one.  Anyway, we told the guy we also wanted to test drive another make/model just to make a comparison and then would make a decision.

Long story short – we DIDN’T test drive the other one (Greg asked me if I was wasting time by doing that and I said “probably”).

So, today, I brought home MY NEW 2017.5 NISSAN MURANO!  Honestly, I wasn’t that excited about it until we went to pick it up.  I wanted the Pearl color (which cost a little extra) with Cashmere interior (have had dark interior for years and it gets hot in the summer!).  The inside of this car is luxurious!  Plus the technology aspect had me a little worried (so much to learn), but I have already gotten a lot of that taken care of (for me to read a manual is like Greg going to the mall  – ain’t gonna happen!).  It got initiated with the Love bugs that have been horrible this year and dirt from our road.  I am pretty sure I am gonna love it!

Winny, the SUV model!



The Beauty of Color

When turning in to our entryway after coming home from church, Greg noticed the Peach Drift Rose that is planted at the front gate,  and the varying peach colors.  Drift Roses have become my favorite kind of rose – they are easy to maintain, grow low and come in a variety of colors (I think I have all of them too!)  Plus, some smell amazing!

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