Twas 10 Days Before Christmas…

And all through the house, Tracy was racing like a mad woman to get everything decorated, and cleaned and baked before she became a grouch!  This year we are hosting THREE Christmas gatherings, so I started decorating a lot earlier than normal.  It all started out where I decided first to organize the room where I keep my decorations and craft supplies.  I shifted ALL of the Christmas stuff to the living room and it looked like a tornado came through!

Where do I even start??


Slowly I got everything done, in the house, outside the house, did my baking and today did the house cleaning.  Also, finished all my Christmas projects that I was working on (those stressed me out, wasn’t sure if I would get through in time – but I prevailed!).

And voila!  Tis the reason to be jolly!


All is calm and all is bright – in the hallway!


There are quite a few more pictures as I decorated almost every single room in the house (the dogs were lucky I didn’t decorate their doggie condo!).

I wish you a Merry Christmas and to all a fabulous New Year!



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