So, I was laying on the bed watching TV and staring at my jewelry Armoire.  Then I had an idea to really bling it up.  The first idea didn’t work (I had some nail stick ons and they were too tiny).  Then I remembered I had some jewels in my craft supplies and found these small rhinestones.  I put each one on by hand and not with glue, but with top coat fingernail polish!  Glitter and bling – what could be better??



Sparkly and Blingy!

I have been wanting to enhance my jewelry Armoire and finally got the stencil in that I ordered.  After several times of applying paint to the stencil and failing, I almost gave up on stenciling on this piece and decided to try something else.  I couldn’t quite come up with what I wanted to do.  So, last night I taped the stencil on the Armoire and decided I liked it.  This morning, I applied the paint on the stencil, but it came out too heavy.  So I wiped it down and tried again, this time using less paint.  I didn’t want a solid looking stencil and I liked the way it came out.  After that, I sprayed some acrylic sealer in a pan and then added some glitter and applied with a round stencil sponge.  Some of the areas were a little too thick with glitter so after taking the pictures, I went back and scraped some off.


I forgot to mention that yesterday I went around some of the edges with some metallic paint.  This one is done!

Playing Around

I have some of the old pressed tin that was taken down and used to be the old back splash by the sink area in the kitchen.  I wanted to save some as I knew I could come up with something to use it for.  Well today, I decided to see if I could even cut the tin and found it to be extremely easy with metal snips.  After cutting the piece I choose, I cleaned it up and thought about stenciling something on it.  After doing some research on the internet, I decided I wanted to give the piece a patina look.  Actually, it is easier than I thought and started experimenting with another piece.  I wanted to use a green paint on the bronze tin as I need color.  After lightly dry brushing my experimental piece, I think I have decided I want a metallic acrylic paint as it will look more aged.  I still want to stencil on the tin, but that may be harder than I think since it is not flat.  I am still in the “designing” stage on that part, have an idea on what I want stenciled on it, just need to get the stencil.  Anyway – my test piece:


Since my tin doesn’t have much detail, it is easy to put too much paint on it so will have to practice with that.  This looks too messy to me, I want less paint but enough to bring out what detail there is.  You know what they say – practice makes perfect!


Let There Be Light!

Yesterday, we went and picked up our new dining room light.  Originally, I had chosen a different one and after looking at it in the store, I decided my ceilings weren’t high enough for it, it was pretty big!  I spotted this one and after looking for a little while, bought it.  For sure I wanted one with the Edison lights and not the Mason jar lights – everyone these days gets those andI have to be different.  Hubby got it up for me today (btw – the directions sucked!) and I love it!


My New Coffee Table

So yesterday, I posted about removing the coffee table in the living room and then getting a new one.  Well, my hubby found this one for me at the family ranch and once I saw it, I knew I could do something with it.  First, I sanded it a little.  Then I put Murphy’s Oil soap and cleaned it up.  Next I dry brushed it with the same paint that was used on our bathroom cabinets – Sherwin Williams Interactive Cream.  After the paint dried, I lightly put some stain on areas.  Later, I applied Polyurethane, two coats on the top and voila – my “new” coffee table.  I wanted something of a lighter color in the living room as I have a lot of darker pieces.  I also like that you can see a lot more of my cow rug.  Mission accomplished!

In the beginning….


After dry brushing, before the stain


And, the end!

The End!

The reno is done, done and DONE!  I cleaned the house today and it was filthy dusty!  In this process, I have been doing some redecorating, moving things around or taking things out to reduce clutter.  Today, I moved our coffee table out and was going to replace it with something else, but hubby didn’t like what I was going to replace it with, so he said I can get a new one!  Also removed another table in the living room and now there is so much space!


My new red clock!



And when all is done, you get a reward – a Blue Moon beer with an orange slice.  Life doesn’t get any better!


Spare Bath Update and Donations

Got the cabinets painted in the spare bath and put the knobs and pulls back on.  I didn’t realize how dirty looking the cabinets were until I took the doors outside to paint them.  They had been glazed as well years ago when we built this house and over the years, they just looked dingy and dirty.  They are so much brighter and cleaner looking now!  I mentioned to hubby yesterday about how much I loved the new granite in our bathroom and sure would love to change it out along with a new toilet and fixtures.  Well, that is a no go.  Maybe somewhere down the road though.


And, as soon as I can take all of this stuff to a donation center, I can begin really cleaning the house.  I have gone through so much stuff since starting this renovation.  Last week, hubby took two large garbage bags full of clothes and a box of purses and shoes to a local charity.  I still have cabinets in the kitchen to go through, but will have to wait as I am running out of room to put stuff!


Nearing the End!

Today, the shower door was installed and I absolutely LOVE it!  No more ugly black gasket and water spots on the glass!


I decided to go ahead and tackle painting the cabinets in our spare bathroom.  They are going to be the same color as in our bathroom.  I have already done some sanding on the drawers and prepped everything, just getting ready to add paint!


I painted this drawer earlier as a test – came out good!

So now the only thing left is front/back porch ceilings.  The back porch ceiling has been repaired, but not the one in the front.  We are still waiting on a bid for our roof where some screws backed out and rain got in, thus leaking through and causing the damage on the front porch ceiling.  Both of those will be repainted a light blue.  Supposedly, this helps keep the insects/wasps/mud daubers from building nests; they think it is the sky.  The proof will be in the pudding!


So Close!

I would say we are 98% done with this reno.  The only thing remaining to be done is install the seamless shower door and one of the porch ceiling needs to be repaired (the back porch has been done) and both repainted.  A roofing issue prevents going forward as we are waiting on more bids.  The granite has been installed in the master bath and today, plumbers were here installing new toilets (in both the master and half bath) and new fixtures.  At least we can use our bathroom, just not the shower.  I have been steadily working on getting rid of more stuff and I am exhausted!  This reno stuff is just like moving and getting settled all over again, but I see light at the end of the tunnel.


My side is done!

I cleaned the bathroom today and there was so much dirt and dust, it took me a while.  I will clean it again once the shower door is installed.  I am ready to get my house back in order!